Dairy-based ingredients

DairyManufacture of dairy-based ingredients is a program area that uses co-products of milk and whey to create or improve the functional properties of dairy proteins so these ingredients can be used in a wide variety of foods and beverages. ;Examples of functional properties include gelling characteristics, heat stability, foaming, and emulsification. Commercialization studies are also conducted to help expand these products for domestic and international markets. The range of ingredients include:

  • Whey powder
  • Delactosed whey
  • Whey protein concentrate-35
  • Whey protein isolates
  • Non-fat dry milk
  • Milk protein isolates
  • Casein concentrates
  • Native whey
  • Custom products

Our researchers are actively developing a new class of all natural biopolymer ingredients with novel functionalities by fermenting whey protein with exopolysaccharide-producing lactic cultures; investigating biofilm formation during membrane processing; developing membrane technology for manufacturing new protein-based ingredients; and exploring various dairy ingredients to determine if seasons and storage conditions impact its functionality.