Advisory Council

Our operational advisory committee is made up of university administrators, representatives of national and regional dairy promotion groups, industry sponsors and other dairy-related organizations. This group is responsible for recommending overall policies, program goals, and research plans and objectives.

We appreciate the solid relationships that we have with our OAC members, as this center is made possible only through their generous contributions and strong commitments to dairy foods research.

Industrial Sponsors

  • Abbott Nutrition
  • Advanced Food Products, LLC
  • Agropur Ingredients
  • AMPI
  • Chr. Hansen
  • Dairy Farmers of America
  • Daisy Brand
  • Danisco USA
  • Darigold, Inc.
  • Ecolab Food & Beverage
  • First District Association
  • General Mills, Inc.
  • Grande Cheese Co.
  • Hormel Foods Corp.
  • Kraft Heinz Co.
  • Land O'Lakes, Inc.
  • Mars Wrigley Confectionery
  • Milk Specialties Global
  • Nestle USA
  • North Central Cheese Industries Association
  • Nutricepts, Inc.
  • Prairie Farms Dairy Inc
  • Proliant Dairy Ingredients
  • Saputo Dairy Foods
  • Sargento Foods, Inc.
  • Schreiber Foods Corp.
  • Valley Queen Cheese Factory
  • Wells Enterprises Inc.

Producer Members

  • Garret Davelaar, Midwest Dairy Association, Iowa Farmer Rep
  • Joyce Racicky, Midwest Dairy Association, Nebraska Farmer Rep
  • Jim Neugebauer, Midwest Dairy Association, South Dakota Farmer Rep
  • David Schwartz, Midwest Dairy Association, Minnesota Farmer Rep
  • Tom Walsh, Midwest Dairy Association, Minnesota Farmer Rep

Dairy Promotion Groups

  • Bill Graves, Sr. Vice President of Product Research, National Dairy Council
  • Rohit Kapoor, Vice President of Product Research, National Dairy Council
  • Brenda Goldman, Chief Administrative Officer, Midwest Dairy
  • Molly Pelzer, CEO, Midwest Dairy

University Members

  • Dr. Pamela White, Dean, College of Human Services, Iowa State University
  • Dr. Wendy Wintersteen, Dean, College of Agriculture, Iowa State University
  • Dr. Daniel Scholl, Acting Dean, College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, South Dakota State University
  • Dr. Brian Buhr, Dean, College of Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resources Sciences, University of Minnesota